Lucky numbers is very much a focus on many leading betting sites in South Africa, but they are severely restricted to maximum winnings, as punters are only allowed a certain pay-out limit despite playing mega-lotteries every day.
Lottoland South Africa offers a player an opportunity to win up to R500 million per day and it is this life changing potential win that sees players flock to the platform.
South Africa has four weekly national lottery draws in the main draw on a Wednesday and Saturday nights and a Powerball draw on a Tuesday and Friday evening.
These lotteries can build up to more than R100 million, sparking a media frenzy as punters head to local retail stores, corner shops and online portals to become one of the country’s latest string of multi-millionaires.
The lottoland South Africa player has the unique pleasure of having access to even more staggering sums of money, daily, across all time zones, and while the lotteries are harder to hit overseas due to more balls being used, there is still a chance to become one of the richest people in your city.
When encountering an all-out lottery assault as offered on this online operator a punter must go straight to the terms and conditions and check out the maximum wins allowed, as this is one of the greatest pleasures of playing this form of betting – the ability to dream of a different life, one filled with yachts and planes.

With this operator there is no sports, horse-races, bet-markets and the ilk, but rather an opportunity to get stuck into some of the biggest lottery draws across the world. According to the site’s rules, these winnings are not taxable in South Africa, so this is more good news. Checking out the terms and conditions, under a link on the main landing page directory is a worthwhile experience.
Apart from the massive draws happening daily the site also offers keno and fixed odds betting. The latter is not like buying an actual lottery ticket but rather placing a stake and predicting which numbers may come up – for example a punter may pick one or two numbers and place a bet on one of them appearing in the overall draw. The odds are set by the site and allows the bettor a chance to win a large sum but with more favourable odds.

The fixed odds feature can also be found on the main landing page menu directory (top-right hand side).
The landing page is slick, professional and sets the perfect tone for a cynic, and cynics there may be considering the massive amounts of money at stake. Lottoland allays fears with one of the most professional looking online platforms in South Africa.
The strict guidelines regarding registration and rules of play set the tone further and a punter is well advised to take a read through everything. Once familiar with all the terms, a punter will always be safe in the knowledge of how to play, how much is at stake and how to claim their fortunes.
The main page menu shows off the four main SA lottery draws, as set out by the national gaming commission, while clicking on the ‘more bets’ and ‘daily bets’ link in the same directory will transport the player into the world of international draws.
Lottoland is a South African franchise of one of the biggest international lottery sites in the world, and on the home page they proudly state that lottoland holds the Guinness World Record for the largest online lotto pay-out, a staggering 90 million Euros.
The website version is far easiest to navigate than the mobile phone application and is advisable as a first means of stop when getting familiar with the site. Mobile phone betting is a large part of the online bet-market, but visiting the website is a better experience.
The banking options to become a subscriber to this lottery mania are Visa, MasterCard, Instant EFT and paygate.
To find out how to deposit and withdraw, as well as all banking information a punter needs to click on the help and FAQ link after scrolling to the bottom left of the main page.
This will take a player to a knowledge base link with all the explanations well detailed.
This site is as professional as it gets in South Africa and a few minutes browsing on the platform can turn any reader into a dreamer, any punter into a potential rich man and any cynic into a believer.

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