List of Betting Sites in South Africa

Morris Vee – Morris Vee is a middle of the road online sports betting site, operating out of the province of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa.

The site has a decent bet-market, offers a large variety of sporting codes and boasts a few half-hearted attempts at promotional giveaways. Overall impression is that this site needs plenty of work to be competitive in such a condensed and dynamic marketplace.

Playabets – The online sports betting industry in South Africa is ballooning rapidly and many of the less established sites are making a run at the well-established brands – with on track to at least compete.

The site is well-managed, maintained and offers a host of decent promotions. The mobi site and website both offer attractive platforms in an ever increasing market place. South Africans love their sports and betting and playabets is among the top of the medium range players.

Betolimp – Betolimp is at the bottom end of the middle range online sports betting sites operating in South Africa, and does not look like it will be disrupting the pecking order anytime soon.

The site does not offer much in the way of promotions and the basic information regarding Fica accreditation is lacking, as is an adequate ‘how to play’ section.

Betolimp will struggle to gain traction in a market filled with leading lights, and while the mobi site is average, the poor website scores this platform poor marks.

Mobibets – is an odd addition to the world of online sports betting in South Africa, with a professional web and mobi site, but one lacking in key features.

The site does boast lucky numbers and lottery play, horse racing, a varied sporting code market and if one looks hard enough two decent promotions.

The site does not offer live betting and the football bet-market is sparse. The details on depositing, withdrawals and banking is also rarer than a hen’s tooth.

Top Bet – South Africa has a diverse sporting scene and has aspirations to make a dent in this market place. They will struggle as they offer no promotions and as poor graphic outlay.

The industry is traditionally dominated by a handful of major players and is unfortunately not one of these industry leaders – despite feebly attempting to offer all amenities and provide an alternative for curious newcomers.

Scorebet – Scorebet is an online sports betting web and mobi site operating out of South Africa and focusses primarily on football and lottery action.

The scorebet platform is more geared towards the mobile phone (mobi site) market and this shows in the poor graphic outlay of the main website.

Supabets – is one of the leading lights in the world of online sports betting in South Africa, and covers the full range of promotions, bet-markets, sporting codes and access to a 100 lotteries.

The supabets portal is an established brand and the professionalism is evident. This operator is perfect for newcomers and seasoned players alike and could really stand out as one of the top three in the country. Live in-play betting, generous giveaways and a smooth running web and mobi site is the order of the day.

Gbets – The South African online sports betting scene is popular, plentiful and full of toip quality sites and can rightly take their place among the leading brands.

The operator offers top-notch promotions, a substantial bet-market, variety of sporting codes as well as horse racing and live in-play action.

The site also offers a massive l0ottery market, with draws taking place hourly from across the globe.

WSB – the team at world sports betting or offer one of the top experiences for punters in South Africa, with arguably the greatest variety of promotions and a full boat of game-play across the board.

The site offers lottery, live play, horse racing, boosters, promos and so much more. Punters should make a trip to this web or mobi site, as it offers an all-round excellent platform.

LMbookmakers – The online sports betting industry in South Africa is so competitive that a site needs to hone in on every aspect and lmbookmakers have not quite dialled in as yet.

They offer almost every obligatory option like horse-racing, lotto, live play, wide sporting code, four promotions and a decent lay-out, but they are lacking in a few areas that could make the difference between a one-stop destination and a pass-through site.

The banking options are limited and there is no welcome deposit – not train smashes for now, but something the operators must get right if they are to be title contenders.

Betway – The online sports betting scene in Africa is buzzing and South Africa is no exception, wity the likes of Betweay taking their brand to these climes and thriving.

The betway portal is a standardized template that has proven successful over many years and offers almost every win-opportunity and despite a simplistic look and feel the platform packs a powerful punch, with lottery, promotions, live play and many more on offer.

Sunbet – The Sun International gambling resort brand has affiliated with one of South Africa’s top online sports betting sites – with sunbet now a favourite destination for punters.

Sunbet offers one of the biggest bet markets in the country with more than 100 000 bet types on a typical weekend. The promotions, variety of sporting codes, professionalism and quality web and mobi platforms has seen the client base at sunbet surge.

The site does not have lucky numbers or lottery draws as yet, but have promised this feature in the short-term, but they do boast a large horse racing book.

Sportingbet – The life at the top of the world of online sports betting in South Africa is becoming slightly crowded, with so many well-funded and professional brands catering for the sector.

Sportingbet manages to make a splash in the industry despite the completion, through an array of promotions, bet-markets and sporting codes.

Sportingbet offers horse-racing, virtual lotto games and a market of more than 100 000 bet-types a weekend.

Hollywoodbets –The world of online sports betting in South Africa is dominated by a handful of key industry leaders and hollywoodbets is among these major players in the market.

The web and mobi site, alongside a truckload of physical outlets, provide an all-round, one-stop betting experience. The platform offers lottery play, horse racing, live play, classy promotions and a wide range of sporting codes. There is a reason why the platform is so popular in the country and the web and mobi portals are well worth a look.

GG Gaming – There are a few rising online sports betting sites in South Africa who are trying to take on the big boys by sticking to a core web and mobi experience and is attempting to use a solid book and promotions to earn the trust of the public.

GGgaming may not offer lottery play but they do bring horse-racing, a raft of promos, a sizeable bet market and a neat, compact web and mobi experience. GGgaming is worth a look, if not just for their giveaways but also for a easy-to-play interface.

Lotto land South Africa – The online betting site is unlike any other on the market as it offers a punter an opportunity to partake in life-changing lottery action from across the globe.

The site does not offer one sporting bet as it is solely focussed on putting the big bucks in the pocket of the player. The lottoland international franchise – of which South Africa is an affiliate offers the punters a chance to win up to R500 million a day through various international draws like the US Mega Millions and many more.

The site also covers the spectrum of the South African lottery lay of the land, with the four main national draws well featured.

Sportpesa South Africa – The online sports betting site is well-known across South Africa despite a few glaring omissions of traditional fare offered by major competitors.

The platform is one of the most recognizable on the market but that is due to the fact that it is a major sponsor of many leading sports teams across the country and indeed the globe.

There are no promotions, horse racing cards or lottery and one would think they would be a middle of the road portal, yet they are surprisingly well-supported by the local punting community.

Betxchange – The online sports betting platform is one of the most professional in South Africa offering the full range of bet-activities. The site is growing in popularity due to the inclusion of a large horse racing book, lottery action, live in-play activation, varied sporting codes and top-notch promotions.

Interbet – Interbet is an online sports betting gem and while it does not have a significant brand presence as yet, this could change once word of the interactive and varied platform reaches the ears of punters.

Interbet offers all the perks of an industry-leading site, such as lottery action, live play, horse-racing, soccer pools, access to the TAB, variety of sporting codes, strong football bet-market a well laid-out and accessible web and mobi site. – is one of the most well-known and established online sports betting brands in South Africa, benefiting from an extensive television ad campaign, a world class platform and a well-crafted portal.

The team at boast all betting amenities on their web and mobi sites, covering all sports comprehensively, including horse racing, live betting and a handful of promotions.

The site also offers lucky numbers and lottery action.

Lottostar – There are a host of online sports betting sites in South Africa and while does offer a limited sportsbook, it is far more interested in the world of global lottery action.

The site gives users access to some of the biggest lotteries in the world, including US mega Millions for example, and while it is a fixed odds generator the pay-outs are still substantial and a winner could pick up a few billion rand in the process.

The site offers dozens of international lottery draws, virtual lotto-play, scratch cards, kino and many more opportunities to become a multi-millionaire. They also give away Ferrari’s, bikes, dream holidays and more.

Eazibet – is one of the better sites and while not sharing the market space as well as the industry big-hitters the operator will look to add to their growing database with continued excellence across the board.

The site offers lottery action, live in-play betting, a host of sporting codes and an increasingly large bet-market. There are also a total of seven promotions, including the popular welcome bonus, ‘refer a fried’ reward and a cash boost.

Yes play – The online sports betting market in South Africa is full of market leading platforms as well as a series of middle-of-the-road sites such as

The bet portal, both web and mobi is decent enough and could pass off as a genuine second or third destination for punters, but the lack of a lottery and horse racing card is noticeable.

The yesplay team are also sparse in promotional activity and while professional-looking, it does not quite seem likely to garner a large slice of the bet-action in the country.

Bettingworld – The online sports betting fraternity in South Africa is mushrooming and many platforms are competing for the attention of a growing market share and there is a mix of leading brands and middle of the road sites. is a middle of the road site when it comes to variety of sporting codes, bet-market and featured bet-activities.

There are no promotions to write of, and the site relies on two key strategies namely an alighment with TAB (soccer jackpots) and a decent lottery play system.

Marshall’s World of sport – There are a host of online sports betting sites operating in South Africa, all to varying degrees of success, and while Marshall’s world of sport does offer a top class horse racing card, it is generally a lacklustre site.

The operator does put a heavy emphasis on horse racing – a popular SA betting pastime) while the lottery action, both live and virtual is also high on thrills.

The promotions are on the poor side as is the relatively small soccer bet-market.

ZamaniBets – This site has not launched yet – as soon as it does, we will do a comprehensive review of its merits, pluses and negatives. – Clicking on the lucky365 link shows that the online sports betting site is under maintenance. The operators promise and new and improved experience when they platform is relaunched.