Morrisvee Bonuses is an online sports betting site operating out of South Africa and while it does offer a few decent bonuses and promotions, it could do much better on this front.

The platform offers a multitude of sporting codes, especially the popular race-horse, soccer, rugby and cricket portfolio that so interests an average South African bet consumer.

The team at morrisvee does not make life easy for a newcomer when it comes to showing off their promotions and based on their landing page there are none on offer.

A thorough search of the entire site will eventually direct the punter to the terms and conditions icon at the bottom left hand section of the home page. By clicking on this link a pdf document will open, with all the site’s rules, terms and conditions, and buried in that quagmire are the following bonuses and rewards.

The site offers a R50 FICA bonus (once all necessary documentation has been received and is in good standing). This is a pretty laborious effort on behalf of the punter what with the proof of address, bank statements, certified documents and more and morrisvee could have been a little more generous on this bonus.

The site also offers a 100% first time bonus up to a maximum of R1000. A punter needs to roll their initial deposit five times in order to access the bonus, For example, according to the site a punter will be credited with R1000 in ‘free money’ but they will be required to wager R5000 to get access to the bonus amount.

The minimum qualifying amount for this bonus is R100.

The site also offers a multi-bet money back bonus with a bettor having to place a multi bet of between 10 and 14 events and can only qualify for their stake back if the ‘last leg’ is out. And in a multi bet of 15 legs or more they can get their money back if any leg is a loser.